Simple and beautiful wallboards for everyone

Get started in 30 seconds

  1. Install Node.js (0.8 or above)
  2. Install AtlasBoard using npm:
    npm install -g atlasboard
  3. Create a new dashboard
    atlasboard new mydashboard
  4. Change directory into your new dashboard directory
    cd mydashboard
  5. Start your dashboard
    atlasboard start 3333
  6. Check it out at http://localhost:3333/

Create your own widgets and jobs in 2 minutes

  1. Use "atlasboard generate" to create components (widgets, jobs and dashboards)
  2. Example: let's create a new widget called "timer"
    atlasboard generate widget timer
  3. Now let's create a new job called "timerjob"
    atlasboard generate job timerjob
  4. Now you can go to packages/default/jobs/timerjob and packages/default/widgets/timer and edit the related files (watch the video)
  5. Last step: edit the dashboard located on packages/default/dashboards/#dashboardname#.json to configure and connect the widget and job with the dashboard.
  6. You are done!
  7. Next steps: check out the Wiki

Import external packages

You can install packages easily as git submodules.

Install your first package

To install the charts package, just type this:

git submodule add packages/charts
rickshaw charts

Check out also atlassian-package

Real time log viewer

Do you want to see what´s going on the server? Or in any of the clients? We got you covered!

Log viewer

Build status

build status

How to get involved

Get the source

Contributing to Atlasboard


Still in progres but... check the wiki!

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